Letters to the Editor

Protecting the press

I was pleased to read about the great works done by a group of leading American journalists in the April 19 article The CIA and the Bay of Pigs scoop that didn’t run.

In addition to the achievements and great legacy that was left by former Herald editors Lee Hills and George Beebe, along with the Pulitzer-level journalism done by David Kraslow, I would like to add the work they have done with the Inter American Press Association.

Hills, one of the key mentors of the IAPA, and Beebe were both IAPA presidents who played key roles in the organization’s growth in the hemisphere as leaders in freedom of press issues. In addition, Kraslow was one of the chairmen of the executive committee.

At the time, the IAPA was the leading watchdog organization in the hemisphere protecting the freedom of expression of journalists and newsrooms alike from censorship by their governments or other ruling bodies.

IAPA was also responsible for establishing and maintaining a policy of good vicinity within the hemisphere.

This article shows the importance of proper oversight and how responsible reporting of sensitive information is a key element in our industry.

Julio E. Munoz, Miami