Letters to the Editor

Brazil’s tourism chief: Travel easier to my country with the new E-visa

Brazil is recognized for the quality and creativity of its soccer, the cheerfulness of its Carnival and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the vibrant culture and gastronomy, and its hospitality.

There is no shortage of beautiful sites to see and experiences to have in this giant and culturally diverse country, which attracts as many as 570,000 Americans annually.

But many who have visited our beautiful country agree that Brazil has the potential to receive even more travelers from North America. Thus, to fulfill this goal, we are now implementing a series of measures to facilitate and reduce the cost for Americans planning their vacations and business trips to Brazil. The electronic visa is a first step, and is in effect for Americans starting January 25.

The new system allows Americans to apply for a Brazilian visa, skipping the long lines and saving 75 percent of the previous cost. The entire process, from applying to discharge, takes up to 72 hours, reducing the bureaucracy and simplifying the way people travel to Brazil.

The fee for the new E-visa is only $40 plus consular fee, and the website to apply is: www.vfsglobal.com/


According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, this measure is projected to increase the flow of visitors by up to 25 percent per year.

Americans now spend $710.5 million per year in Brazil. With the increase in the tourist flow generated by the E-visa, we expect an additional $177.6 million.

Over the last decade, tourism in Brazil received a significant boost from major sporting events. Now, we must continue this flow of positive growth.

Brazil has a myriad of activities to explore. Get your E-visa and book your next trip. We are waiting for you with a smile and open arms.

Marx Beltrão,

minister of tourism,