Letters to the Editor

Trump’s hate rhetoric threatens democracy

This is America, arguably the greatest nation on Earth. It was built by immigrants who came here for a better life, free from oppression.

Today, we face the greatest threat to that American Dream.

That threat is white nationalism and xenophobia.

President Trump is leading the Republican Party into a dark place with his racist speeches, hateful rhetoric and incessant lies.

Trump is a clear and present danger to this nation and the world.

His betrayal of global alliances and promises made by his predecessors has all but destroyed American influence across the planet.

His demands to build a wall across our southern border is beyond reprehensible.

It wreaks of isolationism of the Soviet Union after World War II.

Trump’s every action to install cronies to disrupt and dismantle our government is treasonous.

Congress’ job is to provide a check on the powers of the president. But lawmakers have been doing a poor job of it since Trump was elected.

Now is the time to tell Trump: Enough is enough.

It’s time to censure his hate speech. It’s time to say, “Hell no, to your wall!” It’s time to hold Trump accountable for all his lies.

As Congress tackles the budget bill, our representatives must put country before party and do what is right for America.

We must keep our promises to DACA immigrants.

We must put public funds to work on infrastructure, not walls and wars.

We must keep our promises to our allies and adhere to the terms of treaties with our adversaries.

We must stop the raping of the environment and natural resources.

Stand on the principles of decency.

Do not cower to the demands of the bully in the White House.

Sam Dobrow,