Letters to the Editor

Local leaders: Defend our diversity

I am incensed but not surprised at the ugly words from the White House describing African, Central American and Caribbean countries.

I am not surprised as they followed recent comments implying all Haitians have AIDS and all Nigerians live in huts.

The president has used derogatory language before, about Muslims, Latin Americans, Native Americans and African Americans.

Who can forget his insistence that President Obama was not born in the U.S., or the major housing discrimination case against a Trump apartment complex.

His statement desiring that a greater proportion of immigrants should come from countries like Norway is evidence of a belief in white superiority.

His expressions are shared by many others, but it is the president, whose words resound throughout the country and the world, who is creating an internal situation where divisiveness is damaging our country’s ability to pull together for the common defense.

His words are damaging the improvement of the lives of all Americans.

And damaging our nation internationally, where such language places our country at risk economically and security-wise.

Pity our ambassadors being called to explain the statement to the governments of the countries where they represent us.

Miami-Dade, so dependent on international transportation, business and tourism — and a county that is multicultural and prides itself in saying that its diversity is its strength — must take action to ensure the world that it is not spending its energies to restore white domination.

Miami-Dade’s governing bodies and elected officials need to say to the world and to its residents that being an American is not defined by DNA, but by belief in the ideals that we so eloquently state as our goal in the Pledge of Allegiance: “Liberty and justice for all.”

Bradford E. Brown,