Letters to the Editor

Sickle cell facility is a vital resource

Two recent articles in the Miami Herald mentioning the Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research (FSCDR) did a disservice to the community of people who rely upon us to help them deal with this painful and challenging chronic disease, which I have specialized in treating for 20-plus years.

While receiving $200,000 from Homestead to expand our facility would have been great, we are thrilled the money will help patients at Baptist. Whether patients utilize their facility or ours, the important thing is that they receive excellent treatment.

Florida has the highest number of sickle cell births nationwide, with the largest number of patients residing in the tri-county area.

From as young as six months, patients often suffer extreme pain because of deoxygenation of blood in their vital organs.

Those affected often have difficulty advocating for themselves and rely upon us.

FSCDR is a vital resource in South Florida, providing a comprehensive approach to patient care while operating in full legal compliance.

From ongoing treatment by a hematologist-oncologist, to programs designed to reduce ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations, to a range of other medical and social services, we are there for those who need us most.

True testaments to our caliber are affiliations with the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University and Emory University. Through these relationships, doctors in training gain valuable experience at our facility.

FSCDR’s experienced physicians provide life-saving and life-changing benefits to our patients.

We remain undeterred in our mission to assist those suffering from sickle cell disease and to provide them the best possible treatment to lengthen and improve the quality of their lives.

Dr. Lanetta Bronte,

chief health officer,

Foundation for Sickle Cell Disease Research