Letters to the Editor

Everyone’s strengths make us stronger

A note of gratitude to the 300,000 Haitian Americans who live in South Florida. How lucky we are to have so much brilliance, resilience and talent coming our way from the first post-colonial black-led nation in the world, and the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a slave rebellion. Thank you for strengthening our region.

As a city built and sustained by immigrants, we have much to learn from our brothers and sisters who join us from all parts of the world, bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to our collective table.

For those who join us escaping war or dictatorship, thank you for standing with us to build a city that understands the value of democracy, and that protects the rights of all people furiously. We need your perspective, your voices and your votes to help steer our great nation constantly in a direction of equity and justice.

Those who have joined us seeking refuge from environmental disasters, thank you for standing with us to build a city that increasingly prioritizes sustainability and environmental thoughtfulness. Your voices serve as a critical alarm bell of how we must protect our shorelines, our waters, our roads and our neighborhoods.

Those who have joined us to take advantage of our favorable tax codes, thank you for investing in our growing economy, solidifying our standing as a hub for innovation and business.

Whether you moved here for the weather, for love, for business or for safety, we are stronger because of you.

We are having a critical moment of identity as a nation where we grapple with how to make room for the diverse perspectives of people who truly do not agree about how to best strengthen our economy, how to best secure our borders and how to best live out our promises of equity and opportunity for all. It is in moments like these when we must all muster the courage to look one another directly in the eyes, and remind ourselves of our most essential of values.

Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, Claudia Grillo, Roberta Shevin, Miami