Letters to the Editor

Politics are crazy and poisoning our nation

Gov. Rick Scott will be running for the U.S. Senate in 2019. While CEO of Columbia/HCA, his company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud.

As governor, he did not expand Medicaid, foregoing billions of dollars of available federal money, resulting in 800,000 poor Floridians not getting health insurance. He cut $1 billion in the education budget in 2011, and his small increases in the 2018 budget only recovers a small amount of what was lost to educating Florida’s students.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has not been returning phone calls or hosting any town hall meetings.

He voted for the recent tax reform bill that gave permanent generous tax cuts to the top one percent, while only giving a temporary and modest tax cut to the middle class.

The senator has been running for president, seemingly since he’s been in diapers, neglecting his job of serving Floridians.

President Trump consistently lies any time he opens his mouth, takes credit for everything, and constantly attacks the media and immigrants. He continues to cater to his base, dividing the country instead of bringing us together.

He has no respect for the law, considering himself above it. He attempts to distract investigations into his dealings with the Russians by making up bogus charges against his political enemies.

He is isolating our country and causing us to lose our position as a world leader by pulling us out of the Paris Treaty on Global Warming.

Politics are alive and well in both Florida and the United States of America.

Moderate and sane Americans need to find a new leader who can bring our country together and come up with solutions to our major problems.

We can do better than Donald J. Trump.

He always has been and always will be for only one person: himself.

Kenneth Karger,