Letters to the Editor

Poland’s complicity

Re the April 20 article Poland fumes over FBI head’s Holocaust comments: Methinks the lady, Ewa Kopacz, doth protest too much.

My father was a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and spent 16 weeks in the Majdanek Concentration Camp in the heart of the Polish city of Lublin. Polish citizens lived and worked in full view of what was going on; the transports, the screams and the stench from the crematoria. My parents and their friends, also Holocaust survivors, often told stories of the complicity of every-day Polish people, with notable exceptions now and then.

Even after the war, as Jews returned to their ravaged homes, they were murdered by their Polish neighbors.

In fact, the Nazis knew they would receive little resistance to building their death factories within Poland’s borders. Poland must, as Germany has, own up to its past during the Holocaust, admit its complicity and work to make amends.

Lillian Andron, North Miami Beach