Letters to the Editor

Trump supports the Iranian people’s struggle

The Iranian people have endured decades of political repression by an autocratic, Islamist government. Severe restrictions on political dissent, repression of women and religious minorities is common place.

Fortunately, in recent days, demonstrations have erupted across Iran, in opposition to widespread repression and economic problems.

Economic hardship has worsened despite the lifting of sanctions against the Iranian government in 2015 by the Obama administration.

Despite a billion dollars released to Iran by the United States, inflation is worsening and unemployment remains high among young people.

The recent opposition by the Iranian people to these living conditions appears to be spreading.

In a recent dramatic move, President Trump repeatedly tweeted his support for the actions of the Iranian people.

By expressing solidarity with them, President Trump is helping to embolden a heroic people against a dictatorship which is aligned not only against its own people but also the United States.

By his actions on Iran, President Trump is advancing the foreign policy interests of the United States and also the human rights of the Iranian people.

Only time will judge whether the demonstrations will destabilize Iran’s autocratic government.

When young people demonstrated against the Iranian government in 2009, President Obama failed to offer the Iranian people strong support.

This time, however, President Trump is supporting the Iranian people.

Hopefully, through internal opposition and American support, a new and democratic Iran may emerge.

Regardless of the immediate outcome, the United States is now on the side of the Iranian people.

Timothy Seale,