Letters to the Editor

Swayed by developers

Re Maurice Ferré’s April 20 Other Views column, Miami-Dade’s transportation mess is clear, solutions are not: Our traffic-congestion emergency demands immediate action, beginning with a hold on the American Dream mega-mall nightmare and Flagstone’s Watson Island-MacArthur Causeway traffic strangler.

Officials and politicians subvert transportation concurrency laws, designed to protect the public from traffic jams, by letting developers off the hook. Developers are allowed to deposit so-called “concurrency mitigation” fees into a fund that is never used for the law’s intended purpose.

Ferré refers to “the broken promises of the half-penny transportation surtax,” yet insiders always knew that rather than building a countywide Metrorail system, the money was going to cities, road projects, deferred maintenance, and more bus driver jobs.

Don’t expect officials to do any of the far-sighted things outlined by Ferré. It won’t happen.

Frank Del Vecchio, Miami Beach