Letters to the Editor

FBI agents honored

Nearly three decades have passed since Miami FBI Special Agents Benjamin Grogan and Jerry Dove were killed in what is known as the bloodiest shootout in FBI history. On April 10, the newly constructed FBI Building in Miramar was officially named in their honor and we have Congresswoman Frederica Wilson to thank for this.

As I watched her speak on CSPAN, it became very clear to me that Wilson — known as a fighter for what’s right during her tenure as a school board member and as a lawmaker in the Florida Legislature — has continued her fight in Congress and worked with Speaker John Boehner to do the impossible — pass a bill through both chambers and get it signed by the president in less than a month.

At a time of intense partisan gridlock in Washington, Wilson’s efforts should be recognized and applauded.

Ebony Reddick, Pembroke Pines