Letters to the Editor

Help us catch the killer of a 2-year-old Miami-Dade boy

Carnell Williams-Thomas
Carnell Williams-Thomas

This is yet another senseless murder of a baby — 2-year-old Carnell Williams-Thomas — in our community, by neighborhood terrorists.

When will it end?

How many children will have to die before all of us, and especially the community, say enough is enough?

The night of the tragedy, I visited the scene and spoke to residents in the development. They told me that they were tired of the violence. If the residents and the community are tired of the violence, we must turn in the very people who are causing the violence.

We can’t harbor these killers. Somebody in the community knows who’s responsible for this act, as others in our communities know who the culprits are in similar events that have occurred. Some parents are harboring children and family members who are committing these horrible killings and are allowing them to bring these guns into their homes.

Witnesses who can help solve these crimes remain silent, even though they can contact Crime Stoppers, give them the information and remain anonymous.

As I scanned the crime scene that night I was struck by the picture of the scooter that the little boy was riding on as it lay still on the ground.

I thought about the fact that he was just 2 and had barely begun his life. I wondered what he was thinking before his death. This is sad; this is avoidable and this must stop.

I call on the community to turn the shooter in now, today. We must rid our community of these neighborhood terrorists.

Dennis Moss,

Miami-Dade County