Letters to the Editor

Traffic ticket shortage just an excuse

I couldn’t believe what I read about Miami-Dade County Police Department running out of tickets and using that as an excuse for not writing them.

The MDPD has not been writing tickets for a long time, and every year it gets worse. There are only two reasons for officers not writing tickets:

First, the administration either does not care or doesn’t want to rock the boat. They don’t want citizen complaints or any unnecessary confrontations with the public that will bring bad attention to the department.

Second, the officers do not want to stop violators because they don’t want to work anymore than they have to, or they don’t want to be the subject of citizen complaints.

You can drive all over this county on any day, at any time, and never see a MDPD officer on a traffic stop. It is pitiful and inexcusable. Traffic violators have taken over our roads because they know they won’t be stopped. It is not a manpower issue, not a workload issue, not a “don’t have enough ticket books” problem. It is a police management issue.

If the administration, i.e., the director, does not direct his troops to enforce the traffic laws of this state, most of them won’t do it.

We have the worst drivers, the worst traffic conditions of anywhere in this country, yet we also have the laxest traffic enforcement. The only place there is traffic enforcement in this county is within the municipalities, where drivers have noticeably more respect for traffic laws.

Miami-Dade County does not do its job of traffic enforcement, and this is something the Herald should really investigate. We should have safe roads to drive on without getting stressed out by rude, inconsiderate, deliberate traffic violators.

Officers take an oath to enforce the law. That includes traffic laws.

Gary Knowles,

chief of police, retired,

West Miami Police