Letters to the Editor

Playhouse plan is a winner

In response to the Dec. 12 letter criticizing the upcoming plans for the Coconut Grove Playhouse, “Critiquing the plan for Grove Playhouse,” the writer has based his opinion on economics, not the importance of theater, which he claims is an afterthought.

Joseph Adler deserves more than the left-handed compliment that was given. His productions will bring first-class performances to the Grove.

To predict that the theatre will be a white elephant and an economic train wreck for the Grove indicates a lack of understanding as to the purpose of this project. Bringing back live theater to the Grove is essential. It’s part of the development of the Grove that is under way, not the economic generator to which the writer alludes.

The so-called “bigger is better” theory does not apply in this situation. Those who floated the idea for the past three years have come up empty as to an alternative plan. What is being forgotten is that the Playhouse has been dark too long. What worked 25 years ago for the Grove is not the plan to follow for its future.

To suggest that the plans for the Playhouse will kill the area for good is a slap in the face to those with vision who are redeveloping the Grove. The Playhouse is part of the big picture, not the narrow one painted by the writer.

I applaud the efforts of Miami-Dade County, Mayor Gimenez, Michael Spring and Joseph Adler for bringing theater back to the Grove.

Rather than tear down the effort with a misguided economic rational, those who criticize it should support this artistic endeavor.

Stuart Blumberg,

director emeritus,

Adrienne Arsht Center,