Letters to the Editor

Miami-Dade School Board operates in the ‘sunshine’

Re Isaac Salver’s Dec. 8 letter, “School Board wants me out. Why?:” Miami-Dade County Public Schools is committed to providing a platform for community participation and advisement, through statutorily aligned policies. These are often delivered through various committees and advisory boards.

The Audit and Budget Advisory Committee (ABAC) facilitates community involvement in School Board matters relating to financial accountability, auditing and transparency of district funds and taxpayer dollars. Over many decades, the public’s interest has been served through the participation of community members appointed by individual School Board members to serve on the ABAC.

In his letter, Salver, an ABAC member, intimated that School Board members wanted him off the committee. No School Board member made or implied such an action at the Dec. 5 ABAC meeting. He also questioned the ABAC’s compliance with Florida’s Sunshine Law. Again, the facts from the public record answer this. All meetings are held in accordance with Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Law. They are properly noticed, provide open public access and are recorded to offer a word-for-word account of what transpires.

The committee’s compliance with the Sunshine Law not only ensures that the School Board is properly conducting its business in a manner prescribed in law, but also provides an accurate record of what takes place during each meeting. Despite Salver’s questions, riddled with innuendo, written and recorded meeting minutes clearly establish that the School Board complies with the law relating to ABAC meetings and fully supports and embraces input from stakeholders.

Steve Gallon III, member, Miami-Dade School Board, District 1, Miami