Letters to the Editor

Marco Rubio’s immigration plan

It seems that Marco Rubio’s theme for the campaign will be his narrative as the son of Cuban immigrants rising through the political process to now end up an aspiring presidential candidate.

This obviously is a great story that tugs at the heartstrings and confirms that anything is possible.

However, it leaves out the most important factor. His parents came to this wonderful nation not as political exiles like the majority of the Cuban immigrants, but for economic reasons.

How ironic that Rubio has reversed his position on current immigrants.

If instead of the 1950s when his parents came, it was the 1990s and his parents weren’t Cuban, Rubio would have faced a future with no access to higher education and the fear of deportation.

Most of the immigrants that he has turned his back on have the same dream as his parents — a better life.

Consequently, I cannot in good conscience support anyone who has benefited from U.S. immigration policy, but then blocked the same opportunity to others.

Maria Elena Lopez,

Coral Gables