Letters to the Editor

Teachers who speak out

I thank reporter Christina Veiga for finally letting Miami-Dade public school teachers’ voices be heard through her April 16 article, Speaking out comes at a price.

Repercussions for teachers who simply speak out to improve the teaching and learning environment for their students are not only unacceptable, but highly unprofessional.

I, too, have received repercussions from my former administrators for trying to make our school a safer place to learn.

Asking for additional security guards from the administration resulted in a teacher evaluation of “ineffective,” the first that I have received in my 20-year teaching career.

The only way to improve our school system is to listen and support teachers who are on the forefront each day.

If the Miami-Dade County Public School motto is “Giving Our Students the World,” then let us work together with honesty and integrity in a truly transparent way.

Mayade Ersoff, eighth-grade history teacher, Cutler Bay Middle School, Miami