Letters to the Editor

Bipartisan group to discuss immigration

On Nov. 28, national and local leaders will convene in Miami in support of immigrants impacted by DACA and to discuss overall immigration reform at the IMPAC Fund’s (Immigration Partnership and Coalition) first signature event.

This bipartisan conversation includes business leaders, elected officials, economists, faith leaders, lawyers, and advocates who deeply care about immigration and want to fix our broken system with solutions, not divisive rhetoric.

We chose Miami because of its location as a gateway to the Southern Hemisphere and because we are home to thousands of Hispanic immigrant entrepreneurs. It is the ideal place to have this critical conversation.

South Florida validates how the contributions of immigrants can help a city and an economy flourish through the influx of talent with perseverance. As parents, immigrant entrepreneurs often pass that entrepreneurial spirit to their U.S.-born children, cultivating a culture of innovation and growth.

Miami’s cosmopolitan population has one of the highest concentrations of foreign-born people in the U.S., and our city is a major center of finance, commerce, healthcare, start-ups, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.

We know first-hand what a community that embraces immigrants can do for the long-term health of the American economy.

Immigrants are the American Dream in action. We at the IMPAC Fund look forward to a thoughtful and robust conversation around this issue, because if any city can lead the way on immigration, it is ours.

The solutions to our economy’s need for new talent and a robust workforce lies with fair and just immigration policies. When we honor our heritage as a nation of immigrants, we fulfill our economic and humanitarian instincts.

Mike Fernandez,

founder, MBF Healthcare Partners,

Coral Gables