Letters to the Editor

Traffic circle

I have been watching the construction of the traffic circle at South Miami Avenue and Southwest Sixth Street from my home window across the river. It is very dangerously constructed.

The worst danger, I think, is the “No right turn” sign that is difficult to see because of some tree branches.

I mostly walk this area, but I’m concerned for the drivers. Shouldn’t this sign be larger, and red? And the tree branches should be cleared away. I don’t know whom in Miami city government to contact.

Sandy Hayes,


Guilt or innocence

Profess your innocence and the leader of the free world will say you are a fine, good upstanding person.

Charles Manson said he was innocent.

Ted Bundy said he was innocent

So many others who are guilty claimed they are innocent.

Putin/Hitler/Assad claim innocence. What a sad commentary on our society and our government.

Philip S. Goldin,

Miami Beach

Defending Moore

I don’t understand the flak Trump is getting for standing up for Roy Moore. There are countless examples of people being accused of wrong doings and then openly confessing.

Some examples that come to mind include former Major League Baseball player Rafael Palmeiro, who used steroids while playing the game; Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky; Hitler ordered a fake border incident to kick off WWII; and Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons in Syria.

The least Trump could have done was to keep quiet until the matter was cleared up one way or another. But Moore’s opponent is not allegedly, but actually guilty of a greater crime in Trump’s eyes: being a Democrat.

Jose Teijeiro,

West Kendall

Rubio’s vote

I have a question for Senator Rubio: Are you really going to vote for a bill that raises the taxes and withholding of every low income Floridian? Yes or no?

I know the reason for this immoral act. You have to kick back enough for your out-of-state backers to fund your next run. Do you have to do this on the backs of the Florida poor? Have you no shame?

Now these greedy backers want to throw Floridians off of Medicaid and healthcare for the big kickback. Have you no shame?

As a registered Republican since you were a small boy; I am ashamed to be in the same party.

I vote for people who care more for Floridians, not out-of-state money. When are you going to do your job for all the voters in Florida?

I’ll remember you every November. Remember who you represent.

Timothy R. O’Neill,

Fort Myers

Lend a hand

Re Leonard Pitts’ Nov. 22 column, “This Thanksgiving, there’ll be turkey, green beans, and a helping of hate:” Sadly, Pitts might be right on the Thanksgiving hatred.

So, do this: join the hundreds of us who will be helping and feeding the homeless and the poor this Thanksgiving.

Come face to face with people who, through no fault of their own, have been hit hard by life, often due to mental illness, and really need help.

So, stop the pontificating and the mindless arguments and just help people who need it. Who knows, it might help you?

Marcelo Salup,

Coral Gables

Less of Moore

Re the calls for Judge Roy Moore to step aside from the Senate race in Alabama: What about Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump, and most importantly, those in Alabama who support an accused child molester?

They should all “step aside” or choose to stand up for the women who had the courage to tell the truth.

Ossie Hanauer, Kendall

Fins new QB

The Miami Dolphins should stop messing around and hire Colin Kaepernick, if they want to win.

I hear he’s available. I hear he’s good.

George McHugh,


The big lies

Washington, D.C. now has a new rule of ethics and a message to model — use the “Big Lie.”

When accused of sexual assault, rape, inappropriate touching, embarrassing jokes, any and all sexually-explicit or salacious language, looks or actions, deny it repeatedly and call your victim/accuser an unstable liar — with a deliberate agenda to destroy you — and poof! You’re clear and it didn’t happen!

To quote Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, “If you repeat your lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

Dena Stewart,

Miami Beach

A good deed

My friend Mike is blind. Recently, after having a meal at Flanigan’s Seafood Bar and Grill in Surfside, he missed his ride home.

A Flanigan’s staff member drove him home to Aventura.

I think this is an act of kindness and deserves a public thank you.

Rhoda Oppenheimer,

Miami Beach


Tax legislation

You’ve heard it from experts. CEOs confirm it. Tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations do not create jobs. Yet, congressional Republicans continue to lie about it and call it jobs creating tax reform.

Employers do not hire people because taxes are lower. They take the savings and give them to senior executives and shareholders. They do not hire people. The argument is flawed as basic economics tells us. Businesses produce more only when demand increases.

Increasing demand should be the goal of any jobs program. Demand increases when the middle class has more disposable income. The proposed tax legislation will have no stimulative effect on demand. It will have the exact opposite. The Republican tax plan will reduce demand by taking earnings from the middle class and poor through increased medical costs and reduced government services.

To create jobs, increase spending on infrastructure that improves productivity and gives the working class long term employment security. Spend our tax dollars on roads, mass transit, renewable energy sources, public education, universal healthcare, and climate change research.

Reduce our debt by taxing those most able to pay for it, the billionaires. It’s well past time for a redistribution of wealth to the working class through effective tax policy.

Quit lying to the American people and do something good for our nation.

Reject the Republican tax legislation because it hurts our economy, kills jobs, inflates our debt, and further exacerbates the income differential between rich and poor.

Sam Dobrow, Miami