Letters to the Editor

Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving Day, what I’m thankful for may not be the traditional things such as a home to live in and food to eat, but I know that it is important to me.

I’m thankful for the fact that I am able to live with my blended family and that I was raised in a community far from violence.

I appreciate the immense dedication that my mother has — a single mom who works two jobs and has three children. I’m grateful for my ancestors and the many people who fought with and for them, to get rid of segregation, so that we now could live together.

I am also thankful for the freedom of speech and religion that we have in this country, that allows us to have our own opinions even if they are odd. These reasons why I’m thankful may not even concern others in my home or community, but I know that they are the most important to me.

Katarina Pridemore,


Thankful for family

When Thanksgiving comes around everyone finds something to be grateful for.

We are the only country that celebrates Thanksgiving, which for me means being with family and eating more food than I should. And I am grateful for that. Also I am grateful for my dad, for caring for my sisters and I, and for my all friends who enjoy the same things as me and for my sisters for being my two best friends. Most of all, I am grateful for a big family who will always be there for you.

Angela White,

Cutler Bay

Love to mom

I don’t have a huge house, or nice cars out front, matter of fact, I do not even have a place to park a car if we ever had one.

Yet I do have food, I have water, electricity, and I have my mom with me, and for that I am beyond grateful.

Isaiah Rivera, Miami

Happy Thanksgiving

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is well. Enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Tony Ray, Miami

Congress vacation

To the writer who complained about Congress taking extra vacation time at this week; count your blessings this Thanksgiving. The less time politicians spend at work, the less damage they can do!

Clinton Armstrong,


I’m grateful

What I am grateful for is being able to see others flourish in what they love.

I’m grateful for seeing those who work hard succeed to make our country safe. I’m grateful for for those who have fought and are still fighting for our nation. I’m grateful for those who have fallen and for those who are heroes.

Tyresha Folkes,


Gift of giving

This Thanksgiving, I am not grateful for things material and routine, instead I am grateful for the promise of another day with family.

I do not look forward to the promise of a holiday, instead I look forward to aiding the men and women I have come to know and love in making a feast for many and more to come.

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the gift of giving and the wholesome feeling of love that pervades my every sense and grants me the beauty of a genuine smile.

Amanda Cardenas,


Being grateful

Because Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thank the Miami Herald for posting daily news in the city that I reside. I also thank my community, which has been a great help in keeping my neighborhood safe and clean over the past few years.

Additionally, I thank my church, which helped those who struggled after the devastating Hurricane Irma.

And finally, I thank my family and school, who have pushed me academically and to show me how to take on responsibilities which I will have to know for the rest of my life. These are the things that I am truly grateful for.

Farid SaintCyr,


No thanks given

These are the things I am not thankful for: A tax cut for the richest Americans and corporations; abandonment of Net Neutrality; letting the CHIP Insurance Program disappear; provocations with North Korea; continuous lies; withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change agreement.

I am also not thankful for the hiring of unqualified ideologues to run our government agencies; attempts to kill Obamacare without equal or better replacement; not protecting our 2018 elections and machines from hacking; giving unqualified judges to lifetime appointments; supporting serial sexual harassers; not enforcing Russian sanctions; and playing footsie with Putin to win the presidency.

Kitty Roedel,

Coconut Grove

Beyond TPS

Does anyone else see a pattern here? Donald Trump could wind up being remembered as the President who forced the freeloaders in Congress to actually do the work they were elected to do.

Ending Temporary Protected Status has triggered bipartisan negative reaction and led many in Congress to introduce legislation to address it. Congress is where this sort of thing belongs, but our do-nothing Congress has bogged itself down in internecine squabbles and got nothing done for most of a generation, each side blaming the other for the grid-lock.

I applaud President Trump for bringing this and other issues to a head and forcing Congress to get off its duff and act.

Leonard Riforgiato, Miami

Moore vs. Franken

I always loved Al Franken. His mistreatment of women is very disturbing. Yet Franken admitted to wrongdoing and has called for an investigation into his behavior.

Then we hear that Roy Moore says that each accusation against him is not true and that he doesn’t remember knowing the women involved.

Could it be true? Possibly. Perhaps he attacked so many different women that the nine that we know about are simply blips on his radar.

There is no excuse for Franken, but there is also no comparison between his misdeeds and those of Moore, who hopefully will never be his colleague.

I for one have too much respect for Alabamans.

They aren’t going to allow Moore to get anywhere near Congress.

Way to go, Alabama!

Jeff Haller, Cutler Bay

Deporting Haitians

As the president of a charity, Schools Count, that has provided aid to Haiti after both the earthquake and hurricane it is disappointing and disgusting that this administration would be so callous as to deport decent people.

America has long been a refuge for many. The decision to end Temporary Protective Status for Haitians lacks the compassion and decency that have been a hallmark of our society. I want all Haitians to know they are welcome here.

Richard Flesher,

Orland Park, IL