Letters to the Editor

Haitian TPS

Sen. Marco Rubio did a great job in his Nov. 19 op-ed, “Extend TPS for Haitians in the United States.” I totally agree that now is not the time to burden Haiti with anything else.

Why not boost Haiti’s economy and provide more jobs by stimulating hotel construction? Don’t we have a president who has experience in that field?

Bruce H. Alcan,

Miami Gardens

Mayor’s commitment

It’s refreshing to hear Miami Mayor Francis Suarez’s commitment to enacting a climate change master plan to tackle an issue many state officials shun. His bold statement to seek more funding continues the work of the previous mayor, who himself pledged $200 million toward addressing sea level rise. But Suarez should also speak to the root of the problem.

Because Florida’s “voluntary” renewable energy production is so weak, Florida’s dependency on fossil fuels and their exacerbation of climate change seem locked in for decades. It’s going to take more than the mayor to take this on at the state level.

But there is one easy thing he could do now: publicly declare that Miami needs fracking to be banned in the state and convince Miami’s powerful delegation that anything less is self-sabotage.

Last week, our organization held mock oil rig actions at the county government center and locations across Miami to show how an oil spill could threaten our water supply. But the issue is much bigger. We are hopeful that the new mayor’s visionary platform leads him to act boldly and swiftly on all his priorities.

Andrea Cuccaro,

South Florida regional coordinator,

Food and Water Watch,

North Miami Beach

Faithful farm

My faith in humanity has almost been restored after reading the engaging Nov. 19 article “Farm to Chapel,” about the renewal of church land in Miami and the efforts of one man to rejuvenate an abandoned plot for the good of all.

After a year of reading stories of nothing but scandals, lies, deceit, threats, and international bullying, I was heartened to see good being done in a small corner of our world.

Thank you so much for this excellent reporting, and hats off to the courageous young farmer and his priest’s multicultural congregation. It almost makes me want to find religion again — and even start to love my neighbor.

Valerie Sutter, Coral Gables

Fins embarrassed

Dear Stephen M. Ross,

Aren’t you embarrassed for the product you showcase for the world to see each week? I promise you that if anyone involved in the Dolphins organization had his or her child in my math class and I taught like some of your players play, any one of those parents would be in the principal’s office the next day wanting me fired.

Seventeen penalties? I’m not perfect, but I haven’t gotten 17 math problems wrong in my 30 years as an educator.

How could you have given Jay Cutler $10 million for five months of playing football? I won’t make $1.2 million in 40 years of educating the future of the world.

Every year, a representative from your ticket office calls to try to sell me season tickets. I will root for the Dolphins for life, but I will do so from home. Your players’ excessive salaries have caused the cost of parking, tickets, and food to become far too high for the average family. Given the team’s level of play, that doesn’t seem to be justified.

Scott Manas, Miami

Net neutrality

I am part of a magnificent magnet program at Miami Springs Senior High, the iTech Program, which is a STEM-focused program that teaches students about game development, graphic design, robotics, engineering, video and sound editing, and many other practical STEM subjects.

On behalf of my school, we are in favor of net neutrality rules and keeping the internet as free and unrestricted as possible.

We ask that Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson and Rep. Diaz-Balart vote to maintain net neutrality rules and ensure that the web remains the open and accessible experiment that it was designed to be.

Manuel Munoz, Hialeah

Nursing homes

The Nov. 19 piece, “Florida wipes inspections of troubled nursing homes from its website,” did not sit well with me.

How would you like your loved ones to spend their last years in a poorly run nursing home, with no real contingency plans for emergency situations, filth and poor treatment?

I call upon Agency for Health Care Administration to make the information available again, including links to inspections of facilities, so families and consumers can make informed decisions.

This is a major insult to families and the light of day needs to shine thorough, not be hidden behind redaction or opaqueness.

Jim Angleton,

Bay Harbor Island

Refs’ bad calls

Watching the Nov. 19 Bucs vs. Dolphins game, I have never seen so many yellow flags flying against both teams. But when I saw the replays, most of the fouls called were not there. It’s like you can no longer touch a team member’s jersey.

The most egregious call was tackling of Tampa’s QB in the end zone for a safety, yet somehow, the refs said it wasn’t a safety. Hello! I don’t know what the refs were sniffing, but it made me wonder if money was being exchanged.

Yes, it was a clear safety, and it could have charged the Dolphins up and changed the score of the game in their favor. So I’m throwing a big yellow flag at the officials. They committed more fouls than the players did.

Don Hayes,


More time off?

Members of Congress flew out right after the vote on tax reform for the Thanksgiving recess. Congress gets an extra week vacation for Thanksgiving? Republicans and Democrats — all slackers.

How many of us get an extra week off for Thanksgiving?

Geoffrey James,

Coral Gables

Destructive path

If the Trump administration set out to destroy this nation, it could not have charted a better course. The destruction is physical, financial, biological, and psychological; they have not missed a base.

One third of this nation has been able to demoralize the rest of us. The ship will right itself but it will suffer much damage until it does.

Barry J. White, Miami

They own it!

Looking back to the glory days of University of Miami football, I fondly recall the team coming out at the beginning of the fourth quarter of a game with four fingers raised, symbolizing that the fourth quarter belonged to them.

The current team clearly owns the fourth quarter. It would be nice if they took up the symbol as well.

Arnold Slotkin,