Letters to the Editor

Nation’s uncertainty, anxiety lead is unsettling

I am breaking the promise I made to myself that I wouldn’t add to the 24/7 ridicule of the president of our once-united nation.

Sad is the way I am feeling about what is happening to us and the rest of the world. The sadness gives rise to frustration and anxiety; frustration about our seeming impotence and inability to do anything about it; anxiety, because I fear what I see happening daily, and what risks becoming imminent consequences, some too frightening even to contemplate.

There is some short-term comfort that assuages these feelings, when I watch and laugh during the late night comics’ monologues.

I nod in agreement when I read in respected publications well-written editorials and opeds that confirm my feelings and those in which solutions are proposed. But I am still fearful and anxious because nothing changes.

We hear and read about political infighting; amoral and ineffective leadership; juvenile tweeting; threats to our nation by a leader about which we know very little; racist rantings; abuses of constitutional amendments; the corrupting influence of wealth by the wealthy who don’t believe in everything many of us espouse as dear, decent, and fair; inequality and intolerance; the reluctance of most elected politicians to take a public stand on issues we hope they believe in their hearts; and the way our nation is now viewed by the world, through a myopic lens.

Are we the unintended victims of a democracy that has become chaotic? Is there anything we the people can do to calm down the chaos? Are we represented as we wish in the houses of our national government? Do we have the patience and are we civil enough to wait until 2018 or 2020?

I believe exercising patience is our only option. I am already feeling less anxious and less frustrated — but still sad.

Arvey I. Rogers,