Letters to the Editor

New life a gift

I dispute Lillian Tamayo’s April 7 Other Views article, Florida lawmakers should not limit women’s access to healthcare, which says that abortion empowers women, families, society and the world.

Every pre-born child has God-given talents and potential. Suddenly terminating new life is a rejection of that divine, miraculous, familial gift.

When abortions become more common than live births, negative economic consequences follow. Because demand is less, fewer businesses and workers are needed, and the standard of living falls.

The negative effects of abortion on mothers and, to a lesser degree, on fathers are staggering. The rates of depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse and breast cancer are higher than among parents who give birth.

Pregnancy help centers provide goods, financial aid and counseling. And, adoption is a beautiful compromise that protects mothers from the risk of breast cancer and both parents from serious guilt.

Francis Mahoney, Fort Lauderdale