Letters to the Editor

Wynwood: A creative and entrepreneurial district

When national eyeglass retailer Warby Parker was contemplating where to open its first freestanding store in Florida, it could have picked any one of numerous cities or neighborhoods.

It chose the Wynwood Arts District. The reason owners cited was the area’s cultural, entrepreneurial and creative spirit. The company’s deep appreciation for the arts and rebellious, out-of-the-box way of doing business make it a fitting and welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Warby Parker is the latest in a string of new businesses that have opened their doors in Wynwood during the past year — 61, to be exact. In just the past five years, the district has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in South Florida.

Today Wynwood is home to hundreds of renowned galleries, artisanal eateries, microbreweries, independent retailers and the most remarkable collection of street art anywhere in the world.

Wynwood’s strong cultural landscape is further defined by its vibrant look and feel. We’re home to a unique fabric of people, businesses and organizations rooted in creativity and entrepreneurship. International, national and local artists all are represented in Wynwood both inside galleries and throughout the murals draping our buildings.

The Wynwood Art Walk continues every second Saturday of the month, welcoming thousands of locals and visitors. On the Thursday before each Art Walk, galleries across the district open their doors for the Collector’s Thursday series, which focuses on providing a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for buyers to acquire artwork.

The bottom line is if you haven’t been to Wynwood lately, visit soon. And if you’ve been to the neighborhood before, come back.

There are so many new things to do and see. It is an urban center more vibrant, innovative and diverse than ever before. It’s the place where a new generation of creatives wants to live, work, eat, play and learn.

Joseph Furst and Albert Garcia, chair and vice chair,

Wynwood Business

Improvement District,