Letters to the Editor

Kirk Landon a humanitarian

There are few people in this world whose willingness to help is perfectly matched by a generous soul and who is larger than life. Many in our community involved in the arts, education or children’s causes called Kirk Landon their angel. He watched over them and was a kindred spirit.

The Coral Gables Museum regrets his passing and is grateful to have benefited from his kindhearted gestures. When the idea for a museum was first conceived in 1992, there was not overwhelming support to fund the organization. Later, Mayor Don Slesnick approached Landon about becoming a benefactor, and he agreed, making a donation of $250,000.

Without his support and commitment, it is unlikely that the award-winning Coral Gables Museum would be the thriving organization that is today. The community at large is its main beneficiary. Kirk Landon had an impact on innumerable South Florida organizations and he touched many lives. His legacy will endure for many years.

Wayne ‘Chip’ Withers, chairman, Board of Trustees, and Christine Rupp, director, Coral Gables Museum