Letters to the Editor

Sterilization an appropriate option

Re the April 2 article Prosecutor fired amid reports of including sterilization in plea deals: It’s about time someone cared about children born to addicted and severely mentally ill mothers who are abused and killed. These mothers have shown that a child in their care isn’t safe.

I agree with former Tennessee Assistant District Attorney Brian Holmgren that these women should be sterilized. As for requiring them to be on birth control, there is no way we can count on them to use it.

Jasmine Randers had a history of fleeing from mental institutions. In 2004, she stabbed herself in her abdomen while pregnant, and in 2012, she gave birth to a child who turned up dead five days later. People who don’t think that she should have been sterilized are also guilty for what this woman has done, which could have been avoided.

Beverly Wickham, Hollywood