Letters to the Editor

Jetport development?

I’m one of the people who protested, and stopped the building of the South Florida Jetport out in western Miami-Dade County back in the 1960s.

I still have the anti-jetport T-shirt, and wear it proudly.

It's been almost 50 years, but it seems the developers have never quit salivating over all that "vacant" land out in the Everglades.

Now, under the pretext of an airshow, plans are being considered to reawaken the jetport (Air show dreams get new wings with old Everglades site, April 1).

Is there anyone stupid enough to believe that this will not lead to a huge development out there?

While some of us are trying to save our Everglades, plenty more are still intent on raping it.

Won't they ever give our land and our water a break? Only the public can stop this.

Steven Siegel, Bay Harbor Islands