Letters to the Editor

Bill hurts boating

We moved to Florida five years ago hoping to enjoy the beautiful weather and waterways on a boat.

We’ve enjoyed taking our boat out on the weekends and quietly anchoring in many of the available overnight anchorage areas.

This wonderful reason we chose to move to Florida may soon be taken away if a sneaky new law passes in the Florida Legislature.

In addition to the private concerns, public venues, waterfront commerce could also be adversely affected. The Miami Boat Show may also be canceled.

That's the kind of impact that Senate Bill 1548 may have on the South Florida boating community.

The bill is supposedly about anchoring safety, but it's not about how boats may anchor, it’s about where boats may anchor.

As the news about this bill is getting around, many boating visitors to Florida are already reconsidering if they will pass by our state due to the impossible anchoring restrictions that SB1548 imposes.

And who is going to buy a boat at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016 if they know that they cannot anchor their boat in Florida?

Paul and Diane Ferrara,

Lighthouse Point