Letters to the Editor

So long, Mr. Michael Melnick

My father, Michael Melnick, passed away on June 29. You might recognize his name: He wrote countless letters to the editor over the years. The ones published in the Miami Herald, he would send around to me, my brothers, my father-in-law and I’m sure many more people via text.

My dad was born in 1942. He came of age during the Golden Age of American newspapers.

So it always thrilled him to see his words published in print. But it wasn’t mere personal pride that kept him submitting. It was civic pride, too.

A veteran and WWII baby, he took his role as an American citizen seriously. That meant you should educate yourself about politics, social issues, etc. and share your opinions with conviction. That’s what motivated him most when he submitted a letter.

I’ll never lose the image of him reading the Herald at our kitchen table, cup of coffee at hand. Most people wouldn’t take the time to write a response. But my dad wasn’t most people. He cared. He’s gone now, but hopefully he inspired Herald readers over the years. He inspired me, to be sure.

I figured he earned one more mention in these pages.

Jordan Melnick,

Miami Beach

(Editor’s note: We will certainly miss Michael Melnick’s letters to the editor. They were always thoughtful and insightful. Our sincere condolences to his family).