Letters to the Editor

Spiral of incompetence

I have followed the reports of the little Hollywood boy who was found dead in his home. This precious child suffered his entire life at the hands of those responsible for his care.

The Department of Children and Families did several investigations. He was hospitalized in December for injuries, yet this department found “no evidence.” How can this be?

It is such a tragedy when there are many good people who would have taken this child in and given him the opportunity he deserved. I can only hope that those responsible for killing this child are brought to justice and that the negligent state investigators are held accountable.

With the reports of corruption in our prison systems, failures at the Department of Education and the repeated reports of children lost or worse under DCF watch, government services in Florida are in a spiral of incompetence.

It is up to our elected officials, beginning with Gov. Rick Scott, to do whatever is needed to correct these shortcomings.

Jerry Mashburn, Pinecrest