Letters to the Editor

Miami’s own symphony

It was indeed a pleasure to read Erik Ochsner's March 24 Other Views article, Miami's unique music scene booming, and to learn of his praises of all that the Miami community has to offer in arts and music. We are certainly rich in artistic offerings as he so duly noted.

Perhaps he had a moment of relapse when he failed to include The Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO).

Although in existence since 1989, the orchestra experienced a rebirth and maturity in 2006 when Maestro Eduardo Marturet became musical director. The symphony continues to develop into a fine and respected orchestra to sellout performances that is proud to take its place among other excellent city orchestras of its size.

While in agreement with Ochsner that Miami is indeed a cultural mecca for the arts, let’s not neglect the gem known as MISO. Give the orchestra its due among the many other excellent groups that take up residence in Miami.

Jill Sheer, violinist, Miami