Letters to the Editor

Hyphenated community

Through what lens is letter writer Guillermo Martinez viewing race in “Hispanic America?"

He speaks as though blacks had free choice and as if there is something noble about the difference in racism blacks experienced in Latin America.

Having lived and worked throughout Latin America, Mexico and Central America, I know a different truth.

Africans didn’t immigrate to Latin America. They came as slaves.

In Cuba, slavery began in 1513 and ended in 1886. The dates in Venezuela were 1538 and 1854, and in Colombia 1520 and 1851.

Hyphenation does prevent unity in a community or country. It is lack of opportunity to quality education and employment.

If you doubt that, I invite you to walk in the shoes of any Afro hyphenated male or female regardless of county and then talk to us.

Donna L. Ginn, Miami