Letters to the Editor

Civics lesson

I would recommend a civics lesson to the letter writer who was dismayed that two Republican senators voted against the motion to proceed with the healthcare debate (“Senators are not Republican enough,” July 27).

We live in a representative democracy where each legislator is elected by constituents to represent them. Our society has survived more than 240 years under this system, and any attempt to reduce it to a rubber stamp of legislation proposed by a few members of the party elite will only place us in the same category as the dictatorships that end up failing.

Any healthcare legislation will have winners and losers. However, it is clear that even though the Republicans have discussed the subject for seven years, they have never seriously thought about the details.

Legislation of this magnitude should be crafted with the only goal of increasing the number of winners and decreasing the number of losers. This goal is eluding the Republicans; every proposal they have put forward seems to end up with a net increase of losers.

Legislators who are not counting winners vs. losers in their districts, and who are acting like rubber stamps, are the ones that need voting out.

David Goldfarb,

Coral Springs