Letters to the Editor

Publix parking warning

On July 23, my wife returned to her car after shopping for groceries at Publix. That’s when she and an employee helping her with the grocery bags, found her car vandalized.

The door lock cylinder was pulled out in the attempt to rob or steal the car.

She decided not to call the police as it was not a major offense, and our groceries would be ruined by the time police arrived to take a report.

The next day, I called Publix and spoke to the manager, explaining in detail what happened. THe manager said that because Publix rents the property, the plaza owner is responsible for security outside.

He also said that this was not the first episode of a vandalized car at this plaza.

I then called the plaza’s representative, who said they have only one guard covering the entire mall, and one camera — directed at the ATM.

After speaking to Publix corporate office several times, I have given up on them.

Publix customers, beware of the parking lot.

Fred Zackheim,

North Miami Beach