Letters to the Editor

Mending U.S.-Israel relations

The March 20 editorial, Keep U.S.-Israeli relationship strong, had the right headline and basic message, but threw it away with the several paragraphs reiterating those aspects of Netanyahu’s recent behavior that it found unhelpful.

Far better content would have more faithfully followed the point of the headline by recommending that the United States eschew any form of retaliation, political or otherwise.

The White House needs to dispel any suggestion that it is furious and certainly any suggestion of changing its strategy in the U.N. or the status of the current Israeli ambassador. If those positions were appropriate before the recent election, nothing of genuine substance has truly changed, and pique over what are ultimately meaningless actions has no place where so many lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute might be affected.

U.S. elections of the recent past do not differ qualitatively in terms of candidate or party behavior. Israel is a sovereign nation and an unquestioned ally, not a misbehaving child. It should not suffer more than a less-friendly country might for far worse behaviors. President Obama has withstood far more egregious slights from those with far less at stake than Israel.

Let us rather accept what has happened and move on by continuing to work together without recriminations for the many objectives both nations share.

Michael Peskoe, Miami Beach