Letters to the Editor

Heart health

Kathryn Foster’s July 23 article on heart issues, “Teen athletes: Tell your doctor about family heart issues. It could save your life,” is informative, but there’s an additional issue that parents need to be aware of: Long QT Syndrome (LQTS).

LQTS is a condition that can cause an accelerated heartbeat, potentially leading to fainting spells, seizures, and sudden death, especially during strenuous activity.

We were never sure why my sister died suddenly on the basketball court in 1954.

When I fainted while swimming in 1963, we chalked it up to swimming too soon after eating. Much later, I was diagnosed with LQTS.

That was it until more recently, when a pediatrician noticed an irregular heartbeat in my infant granddaughter. An EKG detected LQTS, which is now identified as a genetic disorder.

Soon after, my niece nearly drowned after passing out during competitive swim practice. Now we speculate my sister died of the same syndrome.

Teresa Lucas, Miami