Letters to the Editor

Feeling sad

President Trump brings out a deep sense of sadness in me.

When I became a citizen, I was so proud of being an American. I voted for the first time for Ronald Reagan. I always saw presidential campaigns as a price of freedom.

During last year’s presidential campaign, I thought it was a joke; this couldn’t be happening. Well, now we have the result: a president who has no class and no manners. He has thrown away all the prestige that the position holds.

When he spoke to the Boy Scouts of America, a deep sadness entered my heart because it reminded me of a speech by Fidel Castro, trashing the media and Washington and comparing it all to a cesspool.

When I heard him scream that he is as dignified as any president that has held that office, you could see his insecurity and lack of knowledge. It was another Castro reminder:

All those who did not agree to all his ideas were either killed or replaced based on dishonorable charges or disgraced.

There is a pattern here, and I’m sad for the country that I love.

Jossie Ruiz, Miami