Letters to the Editor

Senators are not Republican enough

I find it abhorrent that Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska refrained from voting to initiate debate on Obamacare on July 25. These two women, who can only deliver one electoral vote each, continue their arrogance with their self-imposed authority.

Lacking in conscience and feeling for the continued relevance of the Republican Party and the people we serve, Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski brazenly take whatever they need and what they fancy without the slightest sense of guilt or remorse.

What is their use if they have no iota of sensitivity to the healthcare of our citizens? Simply put, I find these two uncontainable, providing little help to the Party. I am tired of them and I fail to see their worth.

Carrying them on our backs while pulling the burden of elections behind us is a load we should not allow anyone wearing the Republican Party label to ignore. They always manage to share in the accomplishment of success without lifting a hand to do the work.

They should no longer be allowed walk free from the responsibility of sound governance and hard, dutiful work while the rest of us labor to help our elected officials deliver the product without complaint or swagger.

I have often wondered why they even call themselves Republican and why should we continue to carry their water?

I don’t understand why we Republicans don’t put a black bow on them and deliver them to the Democrats. Obviously, that is where they belong.

They need to understand that not voting to initiate the debate in the important discussions of healthcare is an insult to the party, the president and those of us constantly delivering the grunt work to keep our party relevant.

These two should be thoroughly punished by the president and party and dutifully viewed as lazy and deceitful when hard decisions need to be taken.

Lois Jones, Homestead