Letters to the Editor

White-box invasion

Kudos to the Miami Herald for the July 23 front page story “Local residents revolt over tree-devouring ‘white boxes’ invading neighborhood.”

But it’s not just the Grove. They are also popping up in South Gables and South Miami neighborhoods.

Are there no architects left in Miami who are capable of matching new construction with existing neighborhoods?

White boxes look ridiculous next to well-established, well-landscaped old homes with tree canopies, or next to the well-known and loved Grove cottages that co-exist beautifully with older, bigger houses.

Why is there no zoning or regulations against totally denuding a property to make room for a “box?”

I beg the powers-that-be to put the brakes on the horrendous construction, with no thought for anything but the almighty dollar.

Contemporary is fine, but show some taste. Why chop down trees for a white box?

Gayle Duncan, Coral Gables