Letters to the Editor

Grove living

Re Andres Viglucci’s article of July 23, “Local residents revolt over tree-devouring ‘white boxes’ invading neighborhood:” Not all Grovites are in revolt.

Yes, there is a proliferation of white boxes in the Grove, but if you find them hideous, don’t buy them.

Coconut Grove has always had mansions and cottages and row houses — all in the same neighborhood. This has never been a homogenous village where only people who think and live exactly like their neighbors cohabit. Diversity has long been an hallmark of the Grove.

It is not only cute cottages with large yards — try updating that cottage today with new windows, electrical and plumbing to redefine cute. It’s not hard to understand why older residents move on to make way for young couples seeking newness and modernity. That’s what diversity is all about.

Living in a 1948 cottage on two lots in South Grove, there are neighbors in big modern houses all around me, and it works. Neighbors shouldn’t dictate whether I sell my home or not.

Marilyn Garbett,

Coconut Grove