Letters to the Editor

Circumventing sunshine

Your March 16 article A look at five ‘Sunshine citizens’ and their pursuit of public records, was both enlightening and frightening.

Florida’s Sunshine laws are critical to providing a check and balance on our governments, particularly on the cozy relationship between developers and city of Miami officials.

Here’s case No. 6: Those fighting the Flagstone project on Watson Island were denied records on the project’s June 2, 2014 deadline for starting construction. Just two weeks ago — that’s seven months after the city was ordered by a court to produce all relevant documents — this essential material, dated Aug. 14, 2014, was finally provided.

So once again, back to court — at the taxpayers’ expense!

This is only the most recent incident in 21 months of deliberate delays by the city in providing information that would have given the public the most effective arguments to stop this pending stranglehold on traffic to and from Miami Beach.

Roger Craver, president, Coalition against Causeway Chaos, Miami