Letters to the Editor

Bad habit

When does a bad habit become something congenital or, even worse, a degradation of everything you represent? In Donald Trump’s case, when you use Twitter to settle unresolved adolescent issues and to show the world just how unfit you are as a president.

Trump’s Twitter decorum is akin to a drunk uncle’s loose lips at a bar mitzvah. I am loath to refer to him as “President” Trump because anyone who resorts to such craven mudslinging on social media is unworthy of the honorific.

No wonder Trump never speaks out against cyberbullying; he is the cyberbully-in-chief. It is a sad commentary on the millions of people who genuflect at his every utterance that the only way Trump can guarantee being the center of the world’s eye is through negative attention.

Kudos to fellow Republicans who have drawn a red line.

One can only hope the millions of voters who blindly supported Trump will eventually smell the coffee — actually the bully.

Adrian Elman,

Miami Beach