Letters to the Editor

Unclear opinion

Retired Navy commander Beth Coye attacked President Trump for “acting erratically” and “choosing to disrupt our institutions,” in her July 4 opinion, “Honor and civility: If the president won’t uphold our values, we must.”

It is unclear what she is talking about because she gives no examples. Her words are patriotic and supportive of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but she fumbles in her goal of knocking the country’s 45th president.

Certainly, the new president has not attacked the military as Presidents Clinton and Obama did. Obama eviscerated our military strength, and when Trump took office, the nation’s readiness was no better than it was at the start of World War II.

Under President Trump, billions of dollars have been earmarked for rebuilding the military. And Trump has moved to rebuild the Veterans Administration, with which I’m sure Coye is familiar.

Coye says that she retired early because she could not accept the military policy on gays, and that she fought against them (as a civilian) and won. She ignores the fact that gays had been able to serve their country in the military, the only caveat being that they refrain from revealing their sexual orientation.

William Juneau,