Letters to the Editor

A disgrace

I am a registered Republican who has never voted for what’s best for my wallet, or my religion — only what’s best for our beloved country. One would expect the same from elected representatives at every level.

I am at a loss to comprehend the actions of the Republican Congress and Senate, as they march in lock-step to the deeply flawed and hurtful policies of President Trump, wh is trying to satisfy the minority of people who supported him. Trump’s repetitive, materially adverse deportment is painful to endure, as he disgraces himself, our country, and its position in the world.

It’s obvious — by his actions, non-actions, statements, and demeanor, that Trump does not have the requisite abilities to lead our country. His nepotism, cronyism, narcissism, immaturity, unpreparedness and inability to fill so many appointments with qualified peopl are so disrespectful to the position he holds, the the United States, and its citizens. It hurts deeply.

And yet, Republicans in Congress have failed to act. They surely see what’s happening. It’s a disgrace and a shame. God help this country.

Mel Lowell, Parkland