Letters to the Editor

Why State Attorney Rundle must resign

The executive committee of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party has asked Katherine Fernández Rundle to resign because she hasn’t prosecuted a single law enforcement officer for an on-duty killing in more than 20 years.

Last month, the South Dade Democratic Black Caucus also asked for her resignation. But Rundle says these people don’t matter or represent Miami.

Over the past three months, our executive committee, composed of hundreds of volunteers who are the backbone and base of our party, had three meetings and three voice votes in which the majority voted for Rundle to resign. During a more-recent meeting, we reached quorum and officially called for her resignation.

Rundle’s response was to marginalize members of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party: “I do not believe that the voice vote … accurately reflects the opinions of the party as a whole or of the people I serve.”

If that’s the case, why did Rundle ask for several meetings with members of the party to justify her decision not to press charges against the jail guards who burned inmate Darren Rainey alive?

For 24 years, Rundle’s office has not acted as if black lives matter. Now, Rundle seems to say black votes don’t matter either. Her inaction on police brutality is inexcusable, and she must resign.

But the Democratic Party of Florida’s leadership also needs to heed our calls for justice.

The rise in the incarceration of black men and women and the criminalizing of actions that disproportionately impact blacks speak to the current standard of negligence on behalf of party leadership. The issues are as much black issues as they are American issues. Democratic candidates must no longer give lip service to them and then forget them once they get elected.

We are fed up and we are demanding change.

Chester Fair, president,

South Dade Democratic

Black Caucus, Ron Brown Chapter, Miami