Letters to the Editor

Pay teachers more

While I join in the celebration with Miami-Dade School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho about the stunning school grades, it is time to put teacher salaries at the head of his priority list.

As an educator in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for more than 35 years. I served under many superintendents and yet, Carvalho was the only leader who refused to talk to me about teacher salaries, the extension of the DROP program, and other issues that were important to teachers.

Former superintendents, Rudy Crew, Octavio Visiedo, and even Merrett Stierheim were willing to talk to teachers about important issues, including salaries.

While a remarkable gentleman when it comes to public relations and tooting his own horn, Carvalho’s record in teacher raises is dismal at best.

These latest grades are because of hard work and tireless hours beyond the work day. I implore Carvalho to prioritize teacher salaries and give all teachers a one-time, 10 percent raise as their new base. If this means cutting programs to accomplish this, then so be it.

Warren Zucker,