Letters to the Editor

Zoning plan mess

Miami 21, our rezoning plan, cost millions. The theory was good, but 10 years later, we see the implementation was not. This new code is irrational.

Take the large Amazon Prime depot which just opened at Northeast 23rd Street. Dozens of trucks will be entering and exiting that narrow street, which eventually will have architectural firm DPZ’s famed “New Urbanism” at work.

That street will have retail storefronts and high rises. Residents will be subjected to truck and car noises plus noise from people entering bars and restaurants below, all night.

Our elected leaders, who sold us on this new zoning code, claimed then we were lucky to be the first, before other large cities could jump on the DPZ bandwagon. None followed.

These problems were predicted and criticized then. But activists were demonized by the local, small-minded politicians and “experts.” As it is, it’s hardly providing the bike- and pedestrian-friendly, peaceful quality-of-life that was promised.

Richard Strell, Miami