Letters to the Editor

Chaotic Venezuela

Events in Venezuela have been featured on the front page several times recently. I am sure the people of Venezuela thank you.

The Castro-Communist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, could well be accused of crimes against humanity. People have suffered beyond anything conceivable, i.e. foraging for food in garbage cans, using newsprint as toilet paper, and more, while the dictator and his acolytes enjoy the good life that oil money affords them still. Yet, when asking for basic democratic powers (elections), the people have been blocked consistently and labeled “terrorists.”

The demonstrations and protests of the last three months have cost almost 80 young lives and more than 3,000 incarcerations. Many of the opposition leaders are in jail for “inciting riots.” Peaceful demonstrators are attacked with tear gas, pressurized water, and bullets of one kind or another.

Venezuela is begging for world attention. The Herald is helping to bring some of that attention.

Eda Valero-Figueira,

Miami Beach