Letters to the Editor

End political parties

Our electoral system would be better if we had no defined political parties. Too many politicians vote party line even if they don’t think that what they are voting for is in the best interest of the country or their constituents. Fear of being blackballed and losing funding for the next election seems enough to persuade one to vote the party line.

I am insulted by TV advertisements against opponents that are negative or are downright lies. This should not be necessary to get elected.

When will people in this wonderful country start voting for the candidates they think are the most honest and trustworthy, not ones who promote hatred and fear?

Come 2018, let’s vote for those who will bring us all a better, healthier life and where we can exist with a more reasonable income, and healthcare is affordable for everyone. Shed anger and judgment; read the paper; watch the talk shows and learn what is truly happening in politics.

Cathy Margoshes, Sunrise