Letters to the Editor

MDC helps ease our police shortage

The June 22 letter to the editor by former Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, “Miami police shortage, a looming crisis,” highlights the looming shortage of police officers in the city of Miami.

Sarnoff offers sobering statistics: “Today, in the city, we have almost reached 1,350 officers, but in September of this year 95 of them will retire, and others will simply move on,” he writes.

This pending loss of police manpower is not only a concern for the city, but also for other agencies. That is why Miami Dade College’s School of Justice has worked to address the looming threat of a shortage of police personnel across all local jurisdictions.

The renowned School of Justice, one of the largest training centers in Florida, provides accessible, affordable, and innovative programs to train highly skilled public-safety professionals for both the private and public sectors.

We offer exceptional law-enforcement and corrections academy training to qualified people. To address the critical need to hire qualified, diverse, and talented law-enforcement officers, the School of Justice has implemented several initiatives.

We have instituted “Legitimacy, Procedural Justice and De-escalation” into the curriculum of our police academy. These critical competencies add meaningful value and job readiness for the 280-plus highly trained recruits the School of Justice graduates each year.

We have opened our doors to agencies hiring police candidates and have held a number of recruiting events and job fairs. Agency job postings are distributed via the School of Justice’s social-media pages, bulletin boards, and at many meetings.

We invite and encourage all agencies to come and recruit free of charge at our campus, to identify top, future law-enforcement professionals and avert the shortage crisis that is looming on the horizon.

Raimundo Socorro, dean, MDC School of Justice, Miami